Department of Tourism Welcome

Welcome to the Cayman Islands.

Whether you’ve arrived for a family adventure, a culinary experience, a romantic getaway or simply a vacation from the everyday, we’re happy you have chosen to spend it in Cayman.

We invite you to experience everything our three unique islands have to offer. Grand Cayman’s diverse attractions and cosmopolitan allure provide just the right mix of excitement and relaxation. Take the plunge and experience Stingray City, a rare opportunity to swim with more than two dozen Atlantic Southern Stingrays in their natural habitat.

Or choose to slow down the pace with a stroll through our Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park to view the sprawling Floral Colour Garden and Blue Iguana habitat. Travel back in time to Pedro St. James castle, discover a rare woodland world on the Mastic Trail or take part in a historic walking tour through George Town, the capital.

On the Sister Islands, dramatic vistas and tranquillity await. Cayman Brac’s 140-foot Bluff provides breathtaking views and along the way, the chance to explore natural limestone caves and endangered parrot species among mango trees and wild orchids. While charming Little Cayman boasts Bloody Bay Wall, a dramatic 6,000-foot underwater drop-off regarded as one of the world’s premier dive sites. For those who want to stay dry, nature beckons as you view rare feathered friends and more than 2,500 iguanas that roam the island.

There’s always something happening in Cayman. From Batabano and Pirates Week to the annual Marathon or Cayman Cookout, hosted by world-famous chef Eric Ripert, our calendar is packed with ideas to add even more excitement to your vacation plans. So savour all Cayman has to offer and make memories sure to last a lifetime.

Mrs. Rosa Harris, Director of Tourism
The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism